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Report 2021
The Distinctive Ingredient of Nutrition
We see value where others don’t. We transform different raw materials into ingredients with high nutritional value, making a positive impact on the diet and wellbeing of people and animals.
We create value from natural resources
Sustainability and the environment are key to us. We are constantly on the lookout for more effective uses of every type of organic sub-product, to reuse and transform these into ingredients with high nutritional value.
Located at the southernmost tip of the world
Our location provides us with sustainable and efficient access to and use of the raw materials needed to develop our distinctive ingredient.
Our location is our essence
Our name, Fiordo Austral, defines the privileged location in the southern fjords where we are located. The ocean, the fjords, the land and the mountains protect us on all sides so we can develop the distinctive ingredient that makes us unique.

Our identity is closely related to our processes and our connection to the land and sea, where we are constantly transforming raw materials.

We are the geographic
between land and

A constant

Following a natural
vein in the
transformation of
raw materials

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